Nikon Sigma Lenses

Your Nikon Camera is really useless without the lens. That is why a camera and a lens should go hand in hand.

However, there are times when you want to change your lens perhaps because the first one is already old, or you want to take advantage of more features. To make sure you do not waste your money on wrong lenses, here are some tips on buying Nikon sigma lenses:

Make sure you are getting a Nikon. It may sound absurd, but there are actually generic lenses sold in the market.

Sometimes you will be advised to buy a Nikon lens, simply because you are told that any lens will actually do.

The truth is you cannot interchange the lenses. It is a way for manufacturers to protect their designs. Moreover, they want to encourage their camera buyers to also purchase the lenses from them.

Deal with an authorized dealer. If you want to lessen the risk of getting ripped off, only buy your sigma lenses from those authorized by Nikon to do so. The brand is already an international one, so they have a lot of outlets located in different parts of the world. You just need to use their store or branch locator to know which shop is found near you. You can also inquire from their customer support if they have other dealers within your area, just in case that you cannot find a legitimate Nikon shop.

Buying from an authorized dealer will get you a warranty, which then entitles you to have your lenses repaired when they are damaged. You can also conveniently return the product if the lenses do not work the way they are supposed to.

Know how to buy the sigma lenses for Nikon . You also have two major ways on how to acquire your sigma lenses. You can opt for the USA model or the Direct Import version. The truth is that there is not much difference between the two. This is because both actually come from the factory that is licensed to produce the authentic Nikon sigma lenses.

However, the direct import appears to be a lot cheaper, since they do not go through middlepersons such as the retailers of Nikon Cameras and lenses. The sad thing is that it has received quite a negative notion because of the presence of unscrupulous sellers in the market, selling lenses as “direct imports.”

Decide on the features of your sigma lens. The price and design of the sigma lens will depend on a number of factors. These include the focal length, the type of lens you want to use, maximum aperture, and the added features such as filters.

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